DLS Worldwide utilizes cutting edge technology to service our growing client base and geographic reach. Technology changes quickly but our goal is consistent – to embrace technology that enables our clients to conveniently book, track, and control all aspects of their travel arrangements. To help ensure two-way communication with our clients and staff we have implemented the following tools to help ensure a worry-free transportation experience.

Advanced technology means lower costs; improved data access and security, quicker response times, improved overall performance and enhanced peace of mind.

We focus on smart applications of best-in-class technologies that are personalized to reflect the cultural, organizational, and individual nuances of each client. While many of our key competitors still operate on legacy systems that were developed decades ago, we are investing in ground breaking technologies.

We utilize a full suite of next generation applications that touch a variety of critical reservation, dispatch, accounting, and billing processes.

Mobile and smart phone applications enabling text and email messaging that sends the chauffeur contact information, and “on location” alerts to the passenger’s mobile device. Our dispatch center utilizes FlightAware, an approved flight tracking system connected to the Federal Aviation Administration to provide up-to-the-minute flight information.

Our dispatch team can plan, monitor and adapt our operations to constantly changing air traffic and flight patterns. In addition, dispatchers have around-the-clock communication with the chauffeurs and are constantly updating traffic reports.

Triple reservation confirmations, real-time itinerary management, and flight status updates.

We utilize a flexible, web-based reporting platform that meets the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standard and provides receipts, invoices and incident reports.

FAA authorized flight data technology, comprehensive GPS Fleet tracking in every vehicle and in car GPS navigation with live traffic feeds.

We use the leading provider of auto repair software, ALLDATA®, for maintaining our fleet.

Technology should be designed to empower travelers with the systems and tools necessary for an efficient and effective travel experience. We are at the forefront of innovation–investing in and developing new products and services that directly benefit our clients.