Maintenance & Quality

All vehicles are maintained by a preventative maintenance schedule based on miles driven and time in operation. Chauffeurs are required to perform a pre-trip vehicle inspection before leaving the garage and report any issues immediately. If the issue is found to place the safety of the vehicle at risk or potentially result in a mechanical breakdown the vehicle is taken out of service until the issue is fully resolved. Maintenance records are kept on file for every vehicle.

Quality Control

No company is perfect – however we strive to be with every interaction. We are committed to continually evaluating our operations, vehicles, and chauffeurs to give you confidence you are dealing with a world class company. Should you experience an incident, regardless of fault, we make no excuses; just a concerted effort to resolve it to your satisfaction. We document and evaluate every incident that occurs so we can learn from it and do our part to avoid it in the future.

Some of the Quality Control processes we have implemented to ensure a worry-free travel experience are:

  • Our Quality Control Processes
  • Reservation Read Backs
  • Email and Dispatch Confirmations
  • Real-Time Chauffeur Communication
  • FAA Flight Integration for Real-Time Adjustments
  • Chauffeur Monitoring Program
  • Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring via GPS Alerts