Affiliate Quality Standards Requirements

All DLS Worldwide Transportation Affiliates must agree to the following:

  • Affiliate is required to maintain 24/7 dispatch coverage for all reservations.
  • Affiliate must provide DLS Worldwide Transportation with emergency contact phone numbers that can be contacted, in case DLS Worldwide Transportation team cannot contact Affiliate in the event of an emergency.
  • Affiliate will train all chauffeurs on the DLS Worldwide Transportation procedures.
  • Affiliate must provide DLS Worldwide Transportation with an account manager.
  • Affiliate must comply with rated vehicle capacities.
  • Affiliate must track and update flight arrival times on all DLS Worldwide Transportation trips.
  • Affiliate must notify DLS Worldwide Transportation in the event of any DLS Worldwide customer complaints involving the move.
  • Affiliate must notify DLS Worldwide Transportation in the event a vehicle is involved in any accident or any other instance that the vehicle requires towing, resulting in delaying the passenger.
  • Affiliate must report to DLS Worldwide Transportation in the event that the vehicle cannot arrive on location at the arrival time.
  • Affiliate must immediately report any service issues to DLS Worldwide Transportation that would prevent service to the passenger (including, but not limited to: mechanical failures, road closures, double bookings, etc.)
  • Affiliate must notify DLS Worldwide Transportation, with an ample amount of notice, of any special event that would limit vehicle availability, and/or change rates during the event period.
  • Affiliate is to get approval from DLS Worldwide Transportation before releasing a vehicle, if no contact was made with the passenger.
  • Affiliate must contact DLS Worldwide Transportation for approval if the passenger wishes to change or add an additional service (if requiring additional charges) other than what was scheduled. This includes if waiting time is added.
  • Affiliate is to ensure that chauffeurs are properly licensed by the appropriate State DMV and local operation authorities.
  • Affiliate is to review chauffeur Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) of driver history and driver license status.
  • Affiliate drivers must contact DLS Dispatcher by phone, SMS text, or email, when they are in-route, on-location, customer-in-car, and when they drop-off customer and are clear.
  • Affiliate drivers are to represent themselves as an addition of DLS Worldwide Transportation.
  • Drivers are not to promote themselves or their primary transportation company.
  • Drivers must be clean and well-groomed.
  • Affiliate drivers are to be dressed in a black suit, white dress shirt, ties, and black dress shoes.
  • Drivers will not smoke or eat in the presence of the customer.
  • Affiliates are to make sure drivers carry a cell phone and/or a 2-way radio.

Communication with Our Dispatch.

  • Affiliates are to ensure drivers do not solicit gratuities from customers.
  • Affiliates are to provide DLS Worldwide Transportation customers with current model, and impeccably clean vehicles requested by our customers.
  • Affiliates are to ensure vehicles are non-smoking for all DLS Worldwide Transportation trips.
  • Drivers are to be on pick-location 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.

DLS Worldwide Transportation appreciates your company assigning your best driver to provide the ultimate care for our clients! The DLS Worldwide team promises to do the same for your company.